Dalarna and the whole Siljan area offers endless possibilities for activitIes. Here we have collected some of our personal favorites.


Perhaps the most visited village around Lake Siljan has transformed from a peasant village in the middle ages to the place of choice for painters and artists at the turn of the century and is today a famous tourist destination. It's easy to see where the village got its reputation from. As one of the few villages in the country where all the old wooden heritage buildings has been preserved, together with the magical view over the old crater lake Siljan, the village has a unique shimmer over it.

The Tällberg Villages Golf Club

"A different golf course" is a well renowned golf course about a kilometer from us. It suits amateurs and more advanced players alike. Please read more about the club at their site through the link below.

Dalarna on a bike

Regardless if one seeks tough mountainbike trails or relaxing country road trips there are excellent choices around the Siljan area. For more information follow the link below to the site "Biking Dalarna".

Dalarna on skis

During the winters there are several cross-country skiing tracks in the area as well as downhill slopes in the villages of Rättvik, Granberget and Gesunda. Follow the link below for information on the cross-country tracks in our village.

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